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How to create income streams by owning Franchise businesses.

With everything that has happened through this pandemic, there has never been a more important time to have multiple streams of income.

Owning franchises is often overlooked opportunity.

Everyone thinks about food service. But there are many other types that can be extremely profitable.

You can even partner up and run some passively or from home.

On this recent episode of the podcast I chat with Jon Ostenson who owns multiple franchises and represents over 400 different franchise business models for those who might have an interest.

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Today, we're going to talk about how so much of investing in this country has really become corporate welfare.

75% of the S&P 500, are probably mediocre to poor performing companies, yet people are constantly rewarding them with all their investment capital through mutual funds and index funds.

What happened to investing in good companies?  Isn't that what investing is supposed to be?

Not the lazy approach that says we don't want to do all the hard work it takes to research companies so let's just tell everyone to buy the index and hope for the best.

Show resources: wealthforlife.net

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Today with talk with Robert Reaburn. Robert's runs the the tactical opportunity strategy we use for our clients. Last year the strategy was up over 40%. We all know past performance does not guarantee future results. But what can we learn for investing in 2020?  Robert share's some great insights.  

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What's the point of having money if you are not happy?

Today we talk with Sean Webb author of Mind Hacking Happiness. Over the last 20 years, Sean has become one of the world’s leading experts in how the human mind works, particularly in the area of human emotions, the driving force and motivation of all human actions globally.

His work is used by universities and engineering firms to teach emotional intelligence, the foundations of artificial emotional intelligence, and his discoveries have proved so effective, that his work is currently being turned into programs to address addiction management and the mitigation of PTSD after early amazing successes within those applications.

Get Mind Hacking Happiness on Amazon. (I love the audio version!)

Visit Sean's website: Mind Hacking Happiness

Some extra cool interviews with Sean here:

Bonus Interviews with Sean Webb

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Today we talk with attorney Ike Devji who is one of the top asset protection attorneys in the country helping to protect over 6 billion in assets.

What is the difference between asset protection and estate planning?

What are the top mistakes people make in asset protection?

Great info for real estate investors, doctors, business owners and more.

Learn more about the strategies:




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Making good financial decisions is hard. Making the wrong financial move, choosing the wrong investments.  Sometimes you can't afford to make mistakes.

In world full of different financial advice, this episode will give you a simple framework to make sure you are getting what you need to put yourself on the path to financial security and avoid costly mistakes.

Here is the video "Reduce Stock Market Stress" mentioned in the podcast.

Have questions? Click here to talk with us.

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Is your retirement plan based on one thing happening? The one thing is the stock market going up.

Even if you are decades away from retirement, wouldn't it be better to have strategies that work when the market is up down or flat?

What if you are 40 years old and you have a market decade like 2000-2010 where the market was flat? Yes, you have time to recover but you lost 10 years of compounding! 

What if you are 10 years or less from retirement and the market goes up and down constantly over the next decade? Can you afford to not have your money grow?

How about in retirement? Do you have strategies to provide you with income when the markets are not performing?

This is the "One Thing" retirement plan many people are stuck with. Market must go up!

To be sure markets will go up but will the market timing match your life timing?

Wouldn't it be better to have strategies working if the market is up, down or flat? 

Strategies to always keep your money compounding even when markets are not performing. 

When you do this, you can retire sooner and with more money than you thought.

Learn how on this episode of Wealth For Life radio. 

Bonus: Tax Bucket Worksheet

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Does this sound familiar?

You go in to invest and you tell the adviser you don’t want to lose too much and you are not greedy but you want some growth.

You fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire. This is basically a form that asks you how much you are comfortable losing.

Since you don’t want to lose much you score kinda moderate.You are then allocated into a moderate allocation based on your score and conversations.

A year later the market is up 15% and you are only up 6% and you are wondering what went wrong and you are unhappy.

You are a Victim of a “Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.”

The problem is a risk tolerance is purely emotional. Is it a good idea to invest based on emotional decisions?  Of course not. Yet the industry promotes this model as a tool for investment decision making.

I think it is safe to say we all don’t want to lose money right? From recent surveys, most high income investors tend to value safety over growth.  

So how do we handle our fears of losing money with a more objective approach so we can get the long term outcomes we want?

A better solution: Time Based Allocation focuses on your cash flow needs and getting the performance you desire.

How long does it take a market to recover from a crash?

10% Drop - 1.61 years

20% Drop - 2.8 years

30% Drop - 3.6 years

40% Drop - 4.25 years

Knowing this can allow for better allocation and the potential for better growth.  You look at your cash flow needs in blocks of time and match to an allocation.

How much cash do you need:

Cash flow needs in the next 1 to 2 years - allocate to capital preservation

Cash flow needs years 2 through 4 - allocate to dividend and income strategies

Cash flow needs years 4+ - allocate to opportunity and growth

So instead of just automatically moving to lower yield, more conservative strategies based purely on emotion, you plan out your cash flow needs and allocate more based on market fundamentals and real investment strategy.

With your cash flow needs covered and a safe foundation set up (including income streams, emergency funds, tax protection, etc.) you have a better framework to deal with the ups and downs  of the market. Volatility can become an opportunity rather than something that stresses you out.

And you have a better chance to get the long term performance you are really looking for.

If you would like to know how we incorporate this in an overall financial plan you can access the entire suite of Wealth For Life Planning Tools and to no cost for a limited time. ($995 value.)

Click here for more info!


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What do you do for income if you lose your job or need to take a few months off?

What if you want to retire early? How do you get income then?

In this episode we discuss creating income streams from multiple sources and income you can access anytime.

You can also download our free e-book "The Successful Professionals Guide To Wealth For Life" at https://wealthforlife.net/

Guide to Wealth For Life

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If you're planning on retirement income over $100,000, taxes could be your biggest expense. In the episode we talk about the hidden tax threat facing the upper middle class and how to structure your wealth so you can save a literal fortune.  


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What does it take to bulletproof your financial plan and finally feel secure in your retirement?  This podcasts has some answers for you!

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We all know fees can add up to a huge amount over time. Should you always just buy low cost ETF portfolios for cheap?  In this episode we discuss the difference between an investment strategy and an income plan. Once you know this you can decide what strategies to use.  We also discuss sequence of returns risk. Here is the handout I mention in the show:


Contact me with any questions at 602-326-3435 or denver@wealthforlife.net 

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The keys to protecting and preserving your assets when faced with long term care expenses is to know the rules, use them to your advantage and do those things that are allowed. 

Here’s one area to know: Prepositioning

Couples planning often uses prepositioning to achieve benefits for the person in need while preserving assets for the healthy spouse. This can include things such as:

  • Paying off the mortgage.
  • Paying down or off a vehicle or replacing one.
  • Home repairs and home modifications for care
  • Medicaid friendly annuities

Also, having the right tools is essential:

  • Legal documents allow spouses and children to be able to act.
  • Power of attorney - financial
  • Power of attorney - medical
  • Metal health power of attorney

Children also need to be actively involved in the process:

  • Know where documents are (including marriage license!)
  • Know what documents will be needed should an application for assistance be necessary
  • Know what the health issues are
  • Know when not to assist in covering expenses

Without knowing the rules, poor planning can result in complete liquidation of the marital estate. Experts can not only guide you in the rules but often assist in the process as well.


For more information contact Charles “Mike” Dyer at (602) 254-6008 or visit http://www.dyerferris.com/

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When it comes to large expenses, buying a new or used truck can certainly fall into that category. Recently my wife and I bought a new truck and Rob Murray of Peoria Ford was able to help us save over $10,000 on a new truck for sale. He share his best truck buying money saving tips in this episode. You can view all the info here: http://wealthforlife.net/

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The market has certainly recovered since the bottom of 2008. Unfortunately, some people missed out on the recovery because they were worried about losing.

This is understandable given the roller-coaster of the last 10 years. But, cash sitting on the sidelines is losing potential interest. These are real losses just like market losses.

Instead, look for strategies that protect profits and still have steady growth.

Call us with any questions at 480-970-5663.

For info on top wealth building strategies: download the free ebook we mentioned in the show here:


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Over the last 14 years the markets have hit all time highs three times: March 2000, July 2007, and roughly where we are at now – June 2014.


What if you had turned 65 and decided to retire in the year 2000?

As you’ll see in this video – the market ups and downs forced “Joe” – who had planned to work until age 65 – to work all the way to age 78.

You can watch the video here:


Learn strategies to take your gains off the table and protect what you have from losses.

Call us with any questions or to schedule a meeting: 480-970-5663

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We have compiled our top economic charts for the start of the second quarter. This should give you a brief over of what direction the economy should go.

Check out the charts at http://wealthforlife.net/economy-april-2014-part-2


Or click on the extras section on your phone or ipad app.

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Here are the top economic numbers from the first quarter of 2014


In case you missed the headlines, here is brief recap of what has happened with the economy so far in 2014.

In the second segment we will go over the economic outlook for the next 12-18 months. 

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We know the market operates the way it does. However, we can lose money by just sitting on the sidelines. There are certainly ways to grow your wealth and have protections.

Click the link below to get the free eBook we mentioned on the show:

“The Successful Professionals Guide to Wealth For Life”


Low cost index funds will have less turnover and trading frequency than other options and will not be impacted as much by high frequency trading.  

Insurance products such as indexed universal life and fixed index annuities will also use Index Crediting Strategies that will be insulated from high frequency trading and will also offer protections from market losses.  Watch this video to learn more:



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The U.S. stock market is rigged in favor of high-speed electronic trading firms, which use their advantages to extract billions from investors, according to Michael Lewis, author of a new book on the topic, "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt."

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a practice carried out by many banks and proprietary trading firms using sophisticated computer programs to send gobs of orders into the market, executing a small portion of them when opportunities arise to capitalize on price imbalances, or to make markets. HFT makes up more than half of all U.S. trading volume.

In this show we discuss what it means for you.

Call us any time with questions: 480-970-5663

Or contact us online: http://wealthforlife.net/consultation/

Learn more on a live webinar: http://wealthforlife.net/webinar/



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Since we have seen how long bear markets can last and that most investors don’t have a 100+ year time horizon, we need to plan for bear markets that could fall into your peak saving years and income years.

There are strategies to overcome this and keep your wealth growing using real estate, investments and insurance products. Today we will focus on the using index crediting strategies in insurance products.

Check the extra section to view the chart mentioned in this episode or click here:


Compare the time frame in the chart below to the Dow jones chart in the previous post:


Keep in mind the above results are based on a specific cap and floor and which can vary and change based on current rates. Also, the numbers are gross historical crediting rate before fees and cost. Same goes for the Dow chart regarding fees and costs.

Call us any time with questions: 480-970-5663480-970-5663

Or contact us online: http://wealthforlife.net/consultation/

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History shows that the equity market enters long periods of high returns, followed by lengthy periods of lower ones. These periods are called secular trends. There are two kinds of secular trends:

A secular bull market, or upward-trending market, occurs when each successive high point is higher than the previous one.

A secular bear market, or downward-trending market, occurs when a trend does not rise above the previous high.

We have had four bear markets that lasted 18 years, 25 years, 17years and 11 years.

Over the last hundred plus years, the stock market has rewarded some investors with long-term growth. But for most investors, a realistic time horizon is 10 to 20 years—not more than a century.

What happens if your peak saving years come during one of these long term bear flat markets?

Check the extra section to view the chart mentioned in this episode or click here:

Market Trends Chart

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In this final segment we discuss how to take chunks of money you have saved and create income for life. The younger you start this process the better. The great fiction you hear from financial media is that when you are young you need to be aggressive.  This is not based on any fundamentals and not is it true. There is no one-size-fits-all advice.

When you start young using safe vehicles you can create incredible income streams down the road. The idea of building a strong financial core first, then taking risk later is more appealing to many young professionals.  

You can learn more by downloading the free eBook: The Successful Professional Guide to Wealth For Life.  Get the book by clicking the link below:


Check out the video we mentioned in the show: The Great Annuity Deception



Also, enjoy our 1980’s music intro! What movie does that remind you of?

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Learn more on a live webinar: http://wealthforlife.net/webinar/

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Build income streams you can access before and after age 59.5. Also have multiple sources of capital you can access without restriction (like you will find in 401k/IRA). This can give you better access to your money to handle the ups and downs of life. 

In this segment we also go over specific case studies comparing income streams from defined benefit plans and 401ks to tax free income from indexed universal life insurance plans. Successful professionals are increasingly building alternative income streams they can access before traditional retirement age.

You can learn more by downloading the free eBook: The Successful Professional Guide to Wealth For Life.  Get the book by clicking the link below: 


Check out the video we mentioned in the show: The Great Annuity Deception



Also, enjoy our 1980’s music intro! What movie does that remind you of?


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Income planning is not just for retirement. What happens if you want to access your money early and everything you have saved is in a 401k? With the exceptions of emergencies you are stuck until you reach age 59.5 in most cases.

What if you want to go part time or start a business? What if you get laid off and can replace all your income? Having income streams you can access without the government penalties could be a good idea to incorporate in your planning process.

You can learn more by downloading the free eBook: The Successful Professional Guide to Wealth For Life.  Get the book by clicking the link below:


Also, enjoy our 1980’s music intro! What movie does that remind you of?

Call us any time with questions: 480-970-5663


Or contact us online: http://wealthforlife.net/consultation/

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If you have problems watching this video you can view it on our website here:


Annuities can be a great way to create income for life. But not all annuities are good and consumers are not being told about what can go wrong with the vast majority of annuities sold in the market today.

In a nutshell, when you are using annuities for income streams most will have a level or flat payout. Meaning your income stays fixed for the rest of your life.

No increases in income ever. But what about inflation!!! This can seriously erode the buying power of a level payout. Yet in most discussions about annuities this issue is not even addressed while it could be one of the most important. 

Let us know what you think of the video!

Visit http://wealthforlife.net for more info or call us anytime at 480-970-5663.



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Markets are high – now what?

Before the market crashed in 2008, very few in the financial media were recommending take your gains and go.  The system doesn’t work that way. Today people are worried about losing what they have gained in the latest recovery.

We will also discuss a recent article: “Why many Americans no longer tolerate risk.”  This traces the history and development of Wall Street’s favorite tool – the risk tolerance questionnaire. Was it created as a well-researched planning tool or a marketing tool to sell more investments?

You can read a copy of the article on our website or view the pdf in the extras section on the app.

Call us anytime with questions: 480-970-5663480-970-5663


Or contact us online: http://wealthforlife.net/consultation/

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Is there such a thing as a “Retirement Tax Bracket”?  

It is important to plan for and remember that when you take money out of a 401k or IRA, 100% of that withdrawal is counted and taxed as ordinary income. The entire amount counts toward the tax calculation.

If you haven’t planned for the cost of taxes during retirement it could potentially cause you some big problems.  If taxes go up you could pay more in taxes. If you need a large chunk of your own money for emergencies or just to use as you choose – you could end going into a higher tax bracket and getting hit with the full force of the U.S. tax coded.  You could be faced with tax rates of 25% to 39% depending on your income and withdrawals during retirement.  

A better approach is to take a balanced approach and save into taxable and tax free vehicles. You might not want to go all in on deferring the taxes you until retirement.

Indexed life insurance can be a great way to create tax free income. It is low cost long term and can allow you to access money before age 59.5 if you want to retire early. 

You can learn more about creating taxing free income at http://wealthforlife.net

Call us anytime with questions: 480-970-5663


Email Denver Nowicz at Denver@wealthforlife.net          

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A good indexed life policy can provide a lifetime of tax free wealth and protection. Unfortunately, not all policies are good and there are some common mistakes to avoid. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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Should you delay paying your taxes until you retire? If you didn't know, you are already doing this in your 401k, IRA or defined benefit plan. Caution: You could pay more by waiting. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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Learn the differences between indexed universal life insurance, whole life and variable life. Which one has the highest yield for the price? Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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What are you doing to create tax free income? There are three basic ways to create tax free income. In this show we discuss a brief overview. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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Are big gains possible in indexed universal life insurance? Plus learn about our background and wealth building philosophy. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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People love the tax free income from indexed life insurance but setting it up wrong can cost you. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

Direct download: Indexed_life_insurance_policy_costs_and_charges.mp3
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How to use indexed life insurance to be your own bank, create additional liquidity and maximize tax advantages. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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Learn how having a "floor" can protect your wealth from market losses and allow you to have real growth instead of just recovering from market downturns. The indexed life insurance advantage. Visit http://wealthforlife.net/ for additional videos, ebooks and web event information.

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